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Blaikiewell Animal Sanctuary

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Blaikiewell Animal Sanctuary is a small charity in Deeside, Aberdeenshire, UK.  It is home to over 50 horses and ponies, and five rescued pigs as well as cats, dogs and any other animal or bird that needs a safe place.

The first pony was bought on impulse in 1977 at the local market to save her from meat dealers who were bidding for the ponies.  The following week we got a friend for her, also from the meat market.  Bracken was 28 guineas, and her friend Willow was 96. (That put me into overdraft).   Other homeless ponies began to arrive from various sources and none were turned away.

Bracken at eight months old, February 1977 ~ Founder of Blaikiewell

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In 1985, I decided to open a small riding school to pay for the maintenance of the growing animal population.  Redwing Riding School has always been conducted with the welfare of the horses and ponies firmly in first place.   No whips or sticks are allowed and young riders are not allowed to ride with a bit in the horse's mouth until they have learned control of their hands.  They learn in lead rein classes, each with a leader on foot, and the reins attached to a headcollar with a fluffy noseband.  Riders are taught to ride with a light squeeze of the legs and gentle hands.  The words 'kick' and 'pull' are strictly forbidden.  It may take pupils a little longer to be off on their own this way but pupils learn that good riding is a partnership and a horse a friend, and many have become very competent and sympathetic riders.

Most of the original School horses are now retired and the Charity was formed in 1997 to help raise funds.  Animals that come to Blaikiewell live here forever and are never sold nor moved away.  When possible those who have been returned to health and fitness are used in the School and some have been leased to carefully chosen people who have agreed to keep them at livery on the same premises.  When their working life is over, they continue to live in their own fields with their old friends for the rest of their lives.   Many of the ponies have lived well into their thirties.

If you would like to sponsor one of our animals, you can see some of their photographs and read a little about each of them HERE

If you give to charities, please consider a small donation to us next time.  It will only take a few minutes through PayPal.  The donation form is Funniest dating profile pics
Thank you very much.


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