Sad and Excited….

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Well everything good comes to an end someday……






vExpert 2011, virtualization efforts continue..

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The magic email came in on saturday the 2nd of July…

Dear Devang Panchigar,

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The fun begins now…… looking forward to an exciting year ahead.



Creating a bootable USB Memory Stick for ESXi 4.1 (on a Mac)

June 22nd, 2011 1 comment



  • After you have downloaded the VMware ISO image VMware-VMvisor-Installer-4.1.0.updateX-XXXXX.iso, please double click on it to mount the ISO image on your MAC.
  • Once the image is mounted, browse to the file imagedd.bz2 and copy the file to your Mac desktop. Rename the file to dd.bz3
  • Insert the USB Flash Drive in the Mac.
  • Go to Applications –> Utilities –> Disk Utility and single click on the USB Drive, then on the menu bar of the window click on Info for that drive. Under Info look for Disk identifier, you might find your disk identifier to be disk1s1, disk2s1, disk3, disk3s2 or so forth.
  • Now you will need to unmount this drive and it will disappear from your desktop (icon) and from finder. If the USB Flash Drive is mounted while you try to copy (dd) the files over, you might get a message the drive is busy, henceforth the unmount of the drive.
  • In Disk Utility window, right click on the USB drive and select the option Unmount “Name of Your USB Flash Disk”. Now the drive should be greyed out on the Disk Utility screen.
  • Now open the Terminal Window to type the following command that will copy the dd.bz2 file to the USB Flash Disk.
    bzcat /users/yourusername/desktop/dd.bz2 | dd of=/dev/disk1

  • Depending on the speed of your USB and other factors like CPU speed, memory etc, the time to execute this command may vary. It took about 11 mins to finish up on my MacBook Pro. The terminal window should show the process is finished once it returns back to the prompt.
  • You can now safely eject the USB Flash Disk from the Mac and insert it into the Server you are trying to install ESXi on.
  • A typical 1GB USB memory stick should be enough for ESXi to install, operate and function properly, so no need to use a 8GB or 16GB USB memory stick.


Replacing Macbook Pro Disk Drive with SSD

June 16th, 2011 5 comments




After a week of the SSD upgrade, I performed a memory upgrade on the system (4GB to 8GB).



The cache upgrade didn’t seem to be necessary if you plan to upgrade the Macbook Pro to a SSD.



Step 1: Decision

Decide what is important in terms of Data Storage for you. You have two options

2) Leave the super drive as is and only replace the disk drive with the SSD.

In my case, I got rid of the Disk Drive and replaced it with the SSD, kept the SuperDrive intact.


Step 2: Buy the Drive


Step 3: Backup


Step 4: Data Cleansing






Also go through the Mac Disk Utility to Verify permissions and Repair Permissions on the Disk Drive.


Step 5: Review Console Messages


Step 6: Install the Drive

Watch the Video on the installation instructions

Turn your MacBook Pro off completely and disconnect the power to the system.



Step 7: Power Up the System

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Now reboot your system and clock the boot up time. Hope you see an amazing difference.


Step 8: Data Cleansing

  • Verify Disk permissions (in Disk Utility) and if any errors, please fix them.


Step 9: Review Console logs


By the way DSMOS stands for DON’T STEAL MAC OS X.

After applying the following command set, the DSMOS arrival was less than 1.5 seconds

cd /
sudo chown root:admin /.




Step 10: Benchmarking


Step 11: TRIM



Step 12: Careful

  • Try not to use Secure Trash Erase on the Mac once you have the SSD installed.
  • For the first few uses, please verify and see if your MAC isn’t heating up or the fan is continuously spinning at high RPM’s.
  • Always have backup of your data
  • Turn off HFS+ Journaling


** Happy SSD Upgrading…